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Affordable Chimney Repairs

Protect your home with regular chimney maintenance and repairs. Bill's Roof Repair, Inc. will ensure that your chimney is in good shape with our tuckpointing, damper and cap repair, and liner replacement services.

  • Brick and mortar work

  • Crown repair and replacement

  • Chimney sealing

  • Damper repair and replacement

  • Liner installation

  • General inspection

Keeping your chimney safe

Your chimney is way up there, exposed to both blistering sun and cracking cold, as well as invasive animals. Deterioration threatens not only your roof, but your entire home.


Let us climb up and see how the chimney's doing. If we see any needed repairs, we'll give you a FREE estimate backed by our lifetime labor warranty*!

Inspections give you peace of mind

Call now for your FREE estimate!


Bill's Roof Repair, Inc. has been taking care of folks like you for 45 years.

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*See or call us for details.